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Millions Of Households Face Higher Energy Bills

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Household finances to be squeezed as a new, higher energy price cap takes effect.

Those households on standard tariffs, with the typical amount of energy use will see their bills rise on average £139 per year.

Prepayment meter customers with average energy use will see an average rise of £153.

The cap limits how much energy providers can raise the prices. However, the recent increase is the largest jump, since the backstop was introduced in January 2019.

The increase is a massive 12% in energy costs at a time of the year when households are about to use more heating and lighting during the colder, darker days.

Households on fixed tariffs will be unaffected, but once they reach the end of their contract, they are automatically moved to a default tariff set at the new level.

Adam Scorer, from fuel poverty charity National Energy Action, said: "The massive devastating increases in energy prices will drive over 500,000 more households into fuel poverty, leaving them unable to heat or power their homes."

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