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Free Loft insulation is now available to homeowners or private tenant residing in a property with electric heating only.

Un-insulated properties can lose as much as 60% of the heat that is generated from the heating system. Because warm air rises, most of the heat loss is through the un-insulated or poorly insulated loft.


Therefore, it is essential to insulate the loft in order to keep your heating costs down. With the help of the current ECO Scheme, you may be entitled to the Insulation FREE OF CHARGE.


Simply insulating your loft to the recommended depth of 270mm can save you up to £165 per year on your energy bill.

Loft insulation is a single most cost-effective, low-risk energy efficiency measure available for the existing housing stock. Installed without major disruption to occupants and it needs no maintenance.

Free Loft Insulation

This offer is available to Homeowners and Private Tenants.

By checking your eligibility, you are under no obligation to progress with the installation. 

Loft Insulation can help save up to £165 per year consistently. With a life span of 40 years, it guarantees savings.

Installing loft insulation reduces heat loss by up to 25%, ensuring that your home stays warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Reducing on your energy use aids the reduction of carbon dioxide and helps you reduce your carbon footprint. Whilst making your home warmer.

Installing loft insulation will also increase the energy performance rating of your home. Increased energy rated will add the value of the home.

Loft Insulation requires no maintenance at all. Once installed it has an average life span of 40 year's.

A minimum of 270mm thickness is required.

If your loft is easy to access and has no damp or condensation problems, it should be easy to insulate.

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You Could Be Entitled To A Package Of
Free Energy Saving Measures 
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